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  • Does this vision statement mean anything to anyone else?

    That was the question asked by the leadership team of one of my clients this week as we were discussing their vision. They just had the best year in the company’s 30-year history, but they’re hungry for more. Why? Because they have a big vision that hasn’t yet been fully realized. But they’re not sure […]

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  • Should we slow down?

    That was the question posed by the leadership of a highly successful business that I recently started consulting with.  They had recently come through a period of rapid growth.  And that growth exposed some missing systems. A few client engagements had gone off the rails. Salespeople were chasing the wrong deals.  And the leadership team was […]

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  • Coherence

    Rick was kind enough to send me a copy of his excellent book, Coherence, at a time that we were exploring a partnership. Coherence is such a rich way to think about marketing and Rick employs the word masterfully. In a world of so much formulaic communication, Rick issues a clarion call to the truth […]

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  • Don’t let your vision get blurry

    Culture. Think about that word for a moment. We put a lot of stock in that word, from world politics to your back door. Yet, it’s unspecific. When it comes to your culture — that collection of relationships and policies and rules and habits and norms that are your business — we need more guidance. […]

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  • What is FiveFour?

    One of the most frequent questions I get about my new(ish) company, FiveFour is: What is FiveFour? We’re launching a new email series to answer that question, so I thought I would share it here. FiveFour specializes in transforming businesses. Which raises the obvious next question: “What kind of transformation are we talking about?” Let […]

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  • Asking (and answering) the Ultimate Question

    In the Ultimate Question, Fred Reichheld tells the story of Intuit, describing a problem that FiveFour regularly helps businesses solve. Co-founder Scott Cook had built a successful company on the mission “To make the customer feel so good about the product they’ll go and tell five friends to buy it.” When the company was in […]

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  • Passing the $10 million plateau

    Ready, Fire, Aim started as a retreat serial entrepreneur Michael Masterson led for other entrepreneurs. He wanted to impart the lessons he had learned from a 30-year career starting and running several multi-million-dollar businesses. Later developed and expanded as a book, the subtitle states his objective; teaching the reader to take a business from “Zero […]

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  • Measuring Human Impressions

    My recent post Elephants Don’t Bite was about companies focusing on big things, like the strategic plan or the latest marketing campaign (the elephants), came at expense of the little things, like answering the phone or greeting the customer at the front desk (the mosquitoes) and it’s the latter that can kill you. In Marketing […]

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  • What you do today…they’ll remember tomorrow

    I made my debut on the Beyond Bricks podcast with Nathan Unruh to talk about customer experience in the midst of COVID-19. Give it a listen and be sure to subscribe: What examples of great customer experience in the midst of COVID-19 have you witnessed? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Who am I? Why am I here?

    I’m a life-long learner and content creator who plans to share the best of both on this blog.

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