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  • Employee Experience STarts at the Beginning

    If you want to frustrate your best new employees, I have a foolproof way.  Be unclear on your expectations.   Frustrated new employees rarely develop into high-quality long-term team members who contribute to a remarkable customer experience. So those first impressions of the work and how they go about it are crucial.  The good news is […]

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  • The five traits of high-performing teams

    Humans are adaptable.   We’ve survived all manner of calamity to get where we are today. So it should be no surprise then that we’ve found ways to make work “work” in a post-pandemic age.  That’s what I took from recent research into the common characteristics of high-performing teams in the workplace. An article on the research […]

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  • How To Recruit from Jay Abraham

    The Great Resignation has not made hiring any easier, but it has made it far more important. Almost every business I work with is spending more time, energy and money on hiring than they were last year at this time. One was paying $22 per hour for summer workers in 2019 and struggled to fill […]

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  • The “And”

    Most of the companies I work with have been built on the passion and drive of a charismatic founder. The sales “process” was simply to free up as much of the founder’s time to spend with prospects and watch them magically convert. But they quickly realize that if all sales has to go through them […]

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  • What I read in May

    My reading slowed a bit in May as I hired a business coach to help me with some changes in the business. It’s something I hope to write more about at a future time, but it required a lot of my time and attention, so reading decreased a bit. But learning did not. I was […]

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