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  • My Favorite CX Podcasts

    While you make listening to your customers a top priority, it also pays a great deal to tune in to the experts and pick up a thing or two from their strategies and systems.  Here are my Top ten customer experience podcasts. I’m often asked how I keep up with the latest trends in customer […]

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  • Asking (and answering) the Ultimate Question

    In the Ultimate Question, Fred Reichheld tells the story of Intuit, describing a problem that FiveFour regularly helps businesses solve. Co-founder Scott Cook had built a successful company on the mission “To make the customer feel so good about the product they’ll go and tell five friends to buy it.” When the company was in […]

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  • Measuring Human Impressions

    My recent post Elephants Don’t Bite was about companies focusing on big things, like the strategic plan or the latest marketing campaign (the elephants), came at expense of the little things, like answering the phone or greeting the customer at the front desk (the mosquitoes) and it’s the latter that can kill you. In Marketing […]

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