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  • Start with WHY

    When we started FiveFour in early 2018, the vision of the founders was to teach everyone what had made our individual businesses successful: a remarkable customer experience. But what we discovered is that, with our customers, most needed a step before that. They needed to start with WHY. I was reminded of this while listening […]

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  • What I read last quarter

    I read. A lot. Last year, I read 164 books. No, that’s not a typo. Yes, that’s an average of three books per week. I’ve been asked how I can possibly get to that many books and there are three reasons: I don’t sleep much I cut the cable cord years ago and mostly replaced […]

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  • Resilience > stability

    I recently read Simon Sinek’s latest book, The Infinite Game. It has a lot that can be applied to the current situation we’re in with COVID-19. One I’ve been thinking about the past week is the need to build companies for resiliency rather than stability. And it’s how companies perform in times of crisis that […]

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