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My Favorite CX Podcasts

While you make listening to your customers a top priority, it also pays a great deal to tune in to the experts and pick up a thing or two from their strategies and systems.  Here are my Top ten customer experience podcasts. I’m often asked how I keep up with the latest trends in customer…

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Disagree and Commit

One sign of a healthy business culture is people who are willing to push back on the leadership team’s ideas, processes, and plans. You see that in meetings filled with debate and argument. The leaders ideas are tested, plans are debated rather than accepted uncritically. But another sign of a healthy business culture is that…

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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day. Where we celebrate work by taking the day off of work! 🤷‍♂️ That has always seemed weird to me. I prefer the Japanese approach to work as exemplified by the word, Ikigai. The word roughly translates as “the happiness of always being busy” or “reason for being.” The Japanese characters that make up…

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About Me

Nathan Schock is a life-long learner and content creator, fully engaged in the experience economy. Nathan is an entrepreneur, who has worked in business, politics, private equity and higher education. He is in flow when he has to learn something new to teach others.

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Battle For Better Business

I am the President & COO of FiveFour, a company that engages in the battle for better business by creating virtual interactive training that positions companies to thrive in the experience economy.

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Locals Love Us

I am President & CEO of Locals Love Us, a national franchise that surveys communities to find out what the locals love the most and publishes the results, supported by Trust Based Advertising, in online and print guides.
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