How Will You Transform Your Clients?

Your clients don’t want your service offering. They want your service to be commoditized. They want it delivered as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Why? So they can spend their limited time and money on experiences that engage them personally and emotionally. (They actually want more than that, which you’ll see in a minute).

If you experientialize your service, you’ll increase the loyalty your clients have towards you. If you don’t, they’ll view you as a commodity.

I’m thinking about this today for two reasons.

First, Joe Pine was just in town delivering this message. I got a chance to spend some time with him, attend one event he spoke at and host him at an event with FiveFour. He had example piled on top of example of businesses that had wrapped an experience around their service delivery.

Second, I just had this very thing happen to me. The nature of our shifted with a client and our primary contact changed. When we recommended next steps for them, it quickly became evident that we were not aligned.

They were looking for the cheapest – the commodity – and that wasn’t us.

How do you prevent this? Understand that clients don’t want your service. They don’t even really want your experience. What they want is a transformation.

They want to be different than they were before as a result of working with you. They want a tangible, lasting result.

Your job is to identify that desired result and then guide the series of experiences that leads to the transformation. Because there can’t be a transformation without a guide. Without a coach.

As Joe pointed out, this is especially urgent if you are in the business of making people healthy, wealthy, or wise. With those services, the day is coming where your compensation will depend on achieving your clients’ desired result.

Do you know the transformation your clients desire? Not just in their business, but in the people?

If you know that – and can help them achieve it – you’ll eliminate most of the competition from those who provide a similar service. Or even those who have a remarkable experience.

If you don’t, you’ll need to transform first. And I’d like to guide you through it. Just take this quick assessment and schedule a time to discuss it with me.

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