You Already Have a Culture Committee

I recently had a client ask me if they should have a culture committee.

But they already have one. You do, too.

Sooner or later, plenty of companies create a committee charged with “improving the culture.” Typically, this leads to popcorn on Fridays, or company bowling night, or picnics, or… any number of well-intentioned gatherings.  

That’s not culture. That’s a “try to make people happy committee.” 

It’s not that Popcorn Fridays are a bad thing. But it’s not going to solve culture problems. 

The good news? 

You already have a culture committee. It’s called your leadership team. 

And the leadership team can’t delegate culture. Defining who you are and what you do is their most important job. 

It’s leading by example. It’s how you do what you do.  

Popcorn Fridays aren’t going to change a culture if the leaders are still… I will let you fill in that blank.

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