My Favorite CX Podcasts

While you make listening to your customers a top priority, it also pays a great deal to tune in to the experts and pick up a thing or two from their strategies and systems. 

Here are my Top ten customer experience podcasts. I’m often asked how I keep up with the latest trends in customer experience and these podcasts are my cheat sheet. Add these ten to your podcast player and you will have a constant stream of tips to improve the experience your clients have with you. 

  1. Amazing Business Radio, an interview podcast from Shep Hyken talking to customer experience experts and other business leaders to give an answer to how success is achieved.
  1. Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell sharing wisdom and experience from his time as the EVP of Operations for Walt Disney World. Lee offers lessons in leadership, management, and customer service for you to apply and create magic in your organization. 
  1. Customer Service Revolution from John DiJulius is designed to transform what customers and employees experience. John believes that, done right, customer service can be your company’s single, biggest, competitive advantage.
  1. The weekly CX Pulse by NICE talking to Customer Experience experts about trends and best practices, practical steps and innovative ways to better engage your contact center agents in your CX strategies.
  1. On the Voices of CX Podcast from worthix.com, host Mary Drumond covers business strategies, customer decision insight, empathetic leadership practices, and more. With a little bit of geeking out on behavioral science, A.I. and other innovation. 
  1. Focus on the Customer Experience is a podcast from business owner Benjamin Delgrosso about taking a relationship approach rather than transactional approach with customers and employees. You can listen to my interview with Delgrosso on training for the customer experience here.
  1. In the Net Promoter System podcast, Rob Markey of Bain Alerts talks to loyalty leaders about how they’re using the Net Promoter System (NPS) to improve the customer experience and create lasting results for their organizations.
  1. In the Experience Strategy Podcast, Aransas Savas and Dave Norton, PhD are endlessly curious about what makes great customer experiences and the strategies that organizations leverage to create deep and meaningful relationships with customers.
  1. Today’s customers have the luxury of choice. The answer is simple; choose customer experience and customers will choose you. Learn how to have a great customer experience by tuning into The Modern Customer Podcast each week with Blake Morgan. 
  1. Learn about the evolving meaning of emojis in conversation, the sound of focusing on your core customers, and some innovative examples of immersive live event experiences in the Experience This! podcast with Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman.

Now that you’ve heard about my top ten customer experience podcasts, be sure to leverage your time and listen to them on a regular basis. You never know how one of their episodes could just be the solution or perspective you’re looking for. Fast-track your way to becoming a customer experience pro! 

So, which one will you be listening to first?

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