I Must Be Bold

This weekend, I had to do something hard, but good.

I went to the visitation and funeral of a friend to remember the impact he had on my life.

But calling Hugh Weber a friend is not entirely precise. He was more of an instigator. A cheerleader. Whenever I started something new, Hugh was always supportive, always trying to figure out a way to work with me in my new thing, even if it was a stretch.

I went back through some old emails and saw evidence of the time that he gave referrals to my new business before I even completely knew what it was.

But he primarily inspired just by being himself and through the things that he did. He was relentlessly passionate about the creative community in Sioux Falls and South Dakota. Then Minnesota and North Dakota (the OTAs as he called them). And finally, nationwide.

His passion was infectious and Sioux Falls would not be the creative community it is today if it had not been home to Hugh. I know that I wouldn’t be who I am today without him.

As Hugh often said, We Must Be Bold. He said it often enough that we couldn’t help but believe it.

A decision I made a long time ago was to get involved in whatever Hugh was doing as often as I could. Whatever it was, I knew that it would be worth investing in.

Hugh was also a great husband and dad. He has a wife and kids who must be missing him dearly. Please join me in repaying Hugh for his investment in our communities with an investment in the future of his family. I will put a link to donate in the comments.

I also ask you to join me in taking to heart the message of Hugh Weber in every part of our lives: We Must Be Bold.

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