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  • I Must Be Bold

    I Must Be Bold

    This weekend, I had to do something hard, but good. I went to the visitation and funeral of a friend to remember the impact he had on my life. But calling Hugh Weber a friend is not entirely precise. He was more of an instigator. A cheerleader. Whenever I started something new, Hugh was always…

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  • Kairos – My 2023 One Word

    Kairos – My 2023 One Word

    Kairos – the ancient Greek word for time – is my One Word for 2023. Kairos is a qualitative approach to time. Whereas the other Greek word for time – Chronos – is the quantitative approach, symbolizing merely the passage of time. I’m focusing on time in 2023, because time is my most important asset.…

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  • What I learned from Cancer.

    The day before Thanksgiving 2021, I was diagnosed Cancer. It shook me, as you can imagine. Upon processing this – emotionally, mentally, physically – I took action, almost immediately. I help people solve problems for a living. Now, I had the biggest problem of my life intruding my body. My tongue, to be exact. So,…

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  • Should we slow down?

    That was the question posed by the leadership of a highly successful business that I recently started consulting with.  They had recently come through a period of rapid growth.  And that growth exposed some missing systems. A few client engagements had gone off the rails. Salespeople were chasing the wrong deals.  And the leadership team was…

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