Kairos – My 2023 One Word

Kairos – the ancient Greek word for time – is my One Word for 2023. Kairos is a qualitative approach to time. Whereas the other Greek word for time – Chronos – is the quantitative approach, symbolizing merely the passage of time.

I’m focusing on time in 2023, because time is my most important asset. I want to invest it, not just save it or spend it wisely, although I want to do those things as well. After all, the qualitative necessitates a mastery of the quantitative – of being intentional about time.

But I chose the word Kairos because I primarily want to invest my time in the things that provide the most value to myself, my family, my friends, and my co-workers.

I don’t want to waste moments that could be decisive. I want to focus my time on the accomplishment of crucial actions. I don’t want to spend time trying to do things that are better left to someone else.

Because time is the currency of experiences, I commit my time in 2023 to the experiences that transform myself, the people, and organizations that are important to me. I will invest my time with the people I love and who provide value to my life.

In my work, I will invest my time in the tasks that are my unique contribution – in the things that provide the highest value to me and my business. I will be intentional about not spending time on things that are for other people. I will put the processes in place for others to complete those tasks, allowing me to invest in Kairos time – the accomplishment of crucial actions.

What is your One Word in 2023? What will you focus on?

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