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  • Let Your Values Guide Your Policies

    The first step in my business transformation process is to define the business culture. To intentionally decide who you want to be and what you want to do. Why? Because once you define that, it makes other decisions for you. And the fewer the decisions you have to make, the faster you can adapt and […]

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  • Kairos – My 2023 One Word

    Kairos – the ancient Greek word for time – is my One Word for 2023. Kairos is a qualitative approach to time. Whereas the other Greek word for time – Chronos – is the quantitative approach, symbolizing merely the passage of time. I’m focusing on time in 2023, because time is my most important asset. […]

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  • What do you need to BE in 2023?

    December is my trigger to start thinking about business goals for the next year. My process has two main steps. First, I go through my last four quarterly FLOW Planners, looking at where I spent my time, the wins I had, the goals I achieved, and the lessons learned. That time is critical because we […]

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  • My Favorite CX Podcasts

    While you make listening to your customers a top priority, it also pays a great deal to tune in to the experts and pick up a thing or two from their strategies and systems.  Here are my Top ten customer experience podcasts. I’m often asked how I keep up with the latest trends in customer […]

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