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  • My Favorite CX Podcasts

    While you make listening to your customers a top priority, it also pays a great deal to tune in to the experts and pick up a thing or two from their strategies and systems.  Here are my Top ten customer experience podcasts. I’m often asked how I keep up with the latest trends in customer […]

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  • Happy Labor Day!

    Labor Day. Where we celebrate work by taking the day off of work! 🤷‍♂️ That has always seemed weird to me. I prefer the Japanese approach to work as exemplified by the word, Ikigai. The word roughly translates as “the happiness of always being busy” or “reason for being.” The Japanese characters that make up […]

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  • How To Recruit from Jay Abraham

    The Great Resignation has not made hiring any easier, but it has made it far more important. Almost every business I work with is spending more time, energy and money on hiring than they were last year at this time. One was paying $22 per hour for summer workers in 2019 and struggled to fill […]

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  • What I learned from Cancer.

    The day before Thanksgiving 2021, I was diagnosed Cancer. It shook me, as you can imagine. Upon processing this – emotionally, mentally, physically – I took action, almost immediately. I help people solve problems for a living. Now, I had the biggest problem of my life intruding my body. My tongue, to be exact. So, […]

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  • Consistent & Deep

    In 2021, my One Word was CONSISTENT. I knew how important it was to be consistent – in schedule, in how I showed up in every life role, in results. That word served me well. I had consistency gains in my morning and evening routines, my reading and learning, and the results for my business […]

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  • The Persistence of the Founder

    Persistence > talent, genius, education. I watch very little TV, so I might be the last person to watch the Founder on Netflix. I enjoyed that the movie portrayed Ray Kroc in a way that felt unbiased, highlighting both positive and negative behaviors. But there was one aspect of the movie that really stood out […]

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  • “Nobody else knows how to sell!”

    That’s what one of my clients said to me when we were talking about his business development strategy. This owner-operator had been CEO of his business for multiple decades but was frustrated that sales always seemed to depend on him. He’d spent years on what I call the “sales/fulfillment teeter-totter.” When they were running short […]

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  • Should we slow down?

    That was the question posed by the leadership of a highly successful business that I recently started consulting with.  They had recently come through a period of rapid growth.  And that growth exposed some missing systems. A few client engagements had gone off the rails. Salespeople were chasing the wrong deals.  And the leadership team was […]

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  • Asking (and answering) the Ultimate Question

    In the Ultimate Question, Fred Reichheld tells the story of Intuit, describing a problem that FiveFour regularly helps businesses solve. Co-founder Scott Cook had built a successful company on the mission “To make the customer feel so good about the product they’ll go and tell five friends to buy it.” When the company was in […]

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  • Paying attention pays off by creating raving fans

    (This is one of our weekly FiveFour emails. Sign up to receive these here). I heard a story recently that’s a real-life demonstration of the principles we follow at FiveFour. It’s a coffee story, which got me interested right away. Mmmmmm, coffee. Susie Patrick owns the Breadsmith stores in Sioux Falls. Mmmmmm, bread. And while Susie runs a […]

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